Frequently Asked Questions

Managing projects is an exhausting job. It's even harder if you do not use software or edit tasks with too many different tools. This way, you can easily lose track of what's going on and are not up to date. This way, tasks are overlooked. Use a tool to organize projects, simplify communication, and meet deadlines.
The app is very easy to use, although it has many features. Unlimited storage is available for each device, operating system, project capacity, and subscriber information. It is cloud-based or server-based. Your data is extremely secure in our system! We offer a complete customer service, free retraining and for a reasonable price.
The mobile app allows you a comprehensive construction documentation, defect management and task distribution. With you always have your blueprints with you and can easily carry out your construction documentation. Take pictures and videos, add notes, set deadlines and place everything directly in the plan.
We have 5 different ABOS: 4 are cloud based with a standard software and one offers unlimited storage space, custom softwares and is server based. All subscriptions receive calendars, files, video and audio files, images, geo-tracking and task documentation.
The app connects through iOS and Android for free download on Google Play and through the App Store. You will receive your access data and link for download immediately after your order has been received. Our system is suitable for all smartphones. How does the contract / termination / renewal work? Everything is done on a monthly basis, you do not need to buy a server or software, and do not have to do complicated installations. You can cancel it at any time without minimum time consumption, notice period or contract connection. Your cancellation should be sent to us in writing by email, post or fax before the end of the month.
The costs are calculated monthly, the prices on the website are all Exclusive local VAT tax. You can conveniently pay online through the portal by credit card, direct debit, PayPal or immediately transfer. After your receipt of payment or your order, you will receive an invoice within a few days by email.
After you have received your/their access data via email, you need to click on the link to download the app to your device or you can download it directly from the App Store, you as a project manager inscribe the users in and out, and they use the same login data as you.
Geo-Tracking describes the geolocalization of a user, ie his regional origin. In the field of web analysis, parts of the IP address are used for the location. For apps or mobile applications, sometimes the GPS of the device is used directly. Geo-Tracking will be turned off by logging out of the system.
In the app you have the option "Generate Project Report". Click on it and then on the top right hand side will appear the sharing icon with access to social media like channels, emails, messengers etc. where you can share your projects.
Visit our website and fill in the form where you have chosen the free version. You will receive by e-mail your access data and a link where you can download the app. Your test version is for one user only and takes 14 days to complete. You do not get all the normal functions like in our ABO A only with 5 users. On the 15th day, your registration will automatically be extended to a full ABO A option. • If you want to cancel your trial version or want another ABO, contact us by phone, web chat, email, fax or post. Processing your case can take up to 3 days, so we ask you to do it within the first 10 days.